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Languages have been my passion since childhood.
Living in Italy and frequently visiting other European countries, I have always been fascinated by people speaking other languages.
They would sound at times sweet, or harsh or totally weird and alien but always enticing to my young ears. I remember wondering how those people could understand each other!
It was a natural path for me to choose a language school, and to proceed on the same road afterwards.
By the age of 23 I was fluent in English, French and Swedish, I had studied German and Japanese for two years, Spanish and Portuguese for one year and had lived in Sweden for one year, studying at Stockholm University.
The next obvious step was to be a translator, and that’s what I have been doing ever since, everyday with renewed passion.
I have, alas, abandoned the study of some languages which I loved, to focus my attention on the Scandinavian languages, which are the ones I feel the greatest affinity for.
I offer translation services from English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish into my native language Italian.
I have a Proficiency Certificate in English.

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